This ministry serves to bring inner healing to hurting, abused and emotionally wounded people through counseling, prayer, workshops and ministry. If you are seeking a turning point in your life from abuse, emotional wounds and low-self esteem that you are experiencing now or in the past, Dr. Pat is here to serve you. A healthy mind and body is important to life. God created you to fulfill His Kingdom. He has designed a plan just for you, one that will give to you hope and a future. HE wants you whole... emotionally and physically so you can be productive in life with confidence and security. Getting the help you need today can save you from the distress, unease, shame, isolation and depression that you may be going through.

      Dr. Pat understands what these emotional/inner wounds can do to an individual based on her own life story. Her compassion, understanding and ministry will not only help you, but will provide healing for your inner soul so you can be feel there is hope for you.

For counseling appointment, please email name and contact information to:

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